the story behind our name


When Cesar Ainzuain, Manuel's father, passed away in 2013, he was laying on a pillow shaped as an owl.  In an attempt to find a more comfortable pillow than what was offered at the hospital, Manuel and his two sisters and brother chose a comfy, plush owl pillow from the childrens' section of a nearby department store.  Cesar was not amused when they brought it back, but eventually he grew to love it and even joked by imitating the owl face, with his big eyes and hairless, chemo-scarred head. Shortly after his passing, all four children began to see owls.  Owls have since appeared to the Ainzuain children in the trees of Southern Oregon, several floors up in parking structures in downtown Miami, in the mountains of Peru, and on the wintery beaches of Cape Cod. The Snowy Owl is a gift to all Cape Codders; the beautiful animal is an extra special gift to our family.

Manuel and Cesar Ainzuain

the sitings continue

It’s been almost 4 years since we opened Snowy Owl Coffee, and the owl sightings continue. The Ainzuain family has seen dozens of snowy owls, great horned owls, eastern screech owls, flammulated owls, and barn owls. With each siting, the presence and legacy of Cesar is undeniably felt.

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