Want a fresh flavor of Cape Cod all year long? By signing up for the Snowy Owl Hoot Coffee Club , you or a loved one automatically receive 3 or 4 bags of freshly roasted coffee, delivered right to the doorstep each month.  Membership includes all shipping charges, and packages will include our signature blends, our rotating single-origin coffees, and periodic exclusive, limited-edition coffees not released to the general public.   Don't spend time re-ordering online each month or  trekking in the snow in the dead of winter to make it to our cafe; the Hoot Coffee Club is a hassle-free and decision-free way to always receive freshly roasted, delicious coffee beans.

We will donate $1 per shipment each month to Grounds for Health, a nonprofit providing cervical cancer screenings to women in coffee-growing communities. What does coffee have to do with cervical cancer? A lot.  Read on and learn about how by becoming a Hoot Coffee Club member, you can help coffee-growing communities while enjoying a taste of Cape Cod all year long.