Captain Crosby - 10oz bag

Captain Crosby - 10oz bag


This blend is dedicated to the many Captain Crosbys that were all born in Brewster yet sailed the wild corners of the world from Hong Kong and Shanghai to the shores of South America and the West Indies. These captains were daring and adventurous, yet grounded in Brewster.  They sailed vessels with names like “Archelaus,” the “Anglo Saxon,” the “Oregon,” the “Louisiana,” and the “Gem of the Ocean.” Many died while at sea, some young and some old, but ultimately Brewster was where they called home.  These Captains include:

  • James Crosby (1796-1834)
  • Freeman Crosby (1802-1861)
  • Tully Crosby (1809-1891)
  • Benjamin Snow Crosby (1810-1851)
  • Nathaniel Crosby (1810-1859)
  • William Crosby (1811-1821)
  • Clanrick Crosby (1814-1879)
  • Zenas Crosby (1817-1853)
  • Elisha Crosby (1818-1877)
  • Edmund Crosby (1819-1853)
  • Joshua Crosby (1822-1853)
  • Freeman Crosby Jr (1831-1863)
  • Charles Crosby (1833-1864)
  • James Edwin Crosby (1838-1894)
  • Tully Crosby Jr (1841-1905) 

The Captain Crosby is bright and sunny, yet earthy and grounded; exotic, yet familiar. Our signature triblend captures the essence of exotic flavors without compromising the familiar flavor of a bold, homemade coffee.

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