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Our cafe & roastery

Monday through Friday: 6:30am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 7:30am to 5pm

Open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and Staff appreciation day

Address: 2624 Main Street, Brewster 02631

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I love this little coffee spot, the interior is so relaxing and laid back, making for a great atmosphere. The coffee and tea options are great, and they’re consistently brewed well. During this recent visit we enjoyed a blueberry scone and a chocolate chip scone along with our coffee, which was very tasty.
What an absolutely amazing find - We will be back! The atmosphere is fabulous, the coffee was smooth yet bursting with flavor and the scones were full of deliciousness! The staff was friendly and helpful too! They genuinely seemed to love their jobs.

A little more (Hi)story and details

Welcome to where it all came to life! Our Brewster cafe and roastery was built out during the summer of 2015 and was the culmination of many years of dreaming.  Our intention was to keep the old barn-like character of Great Cape Herbs, or “The Herb Shop,” as it was/is commonly referred and to build a space that would flow together with the Herb Shop. In those days, Stephan Brown, occupied the entire building and sold espresso and brewed coffee along with his smattering of herbs, tinctures, plants, crystals, incense, much of which you can still buy there today. With that intention, we used 200 year-old reclaimed barn wood, scrap mahogany from local construction and other materials gathered from within the local area so that the local community would feel right at home….but with specialty coffee.

We prepare coffee via several methods, including espresso (from our VA Black Eagle machine), Aeropress, Chemex, pour-over, traditional brew, and cold-brew.  We offer high-grade teas by MEM Teas, freshly squeezed citrus juices, and other delicious beverages.  Our partners at Pain D'Avignon, Cape Cod Muffins, and White Lion Bakery bake our delicious pastries and sweets, we source soups and salads from locally from The Optimal Kitchen, and we sell light snacks, such as yogurt, soups, energy bars and breads. View our sample menu here.

Snowy Owl Coffee House has become a central gathering space for our Lower Cape community and visitors alike. It’s a zone where people can connect to the art of craft-roasting and preparing coffee, view and purchase local art and gifts, and enjoy old and new music with our every changing, employee-curated Spotify lists. And they can do this while in the company of, kids, friends, family, and happily buzzing locals and strangers.